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Our People

Polyvios G. Polyviou

Managing Partner

Areas of Expertise

Banking and Finance law with specialisation in mergers and acquisitions.
Competition and employment law
Constitutional law
Administrative and regulatory law

Educational / Academic Experience

Attended the University of Oxford 1968-1972, obtaining the degrees of B.A. (Hons) in Jurisprudence and B.C.L.. Mr. Polyviou obtained a Double First at Oxford, the only one in his year, and was also awarded the Martin Wronker prize in Law for the best performance of the year at the University of Oxford. He was then called to the Bar, being awarded the MacKaskie scholarship, and was then the Procter Fellow at the School of Politics of the University of Princeton. He was then a Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Lecturer in Law in the University of Oxford between 1973 - 1980.


He was written a number of books, as follows:

  1. Cyprus, The Tragedy and the Challenge.
  2. Cyprus, In Search of a Constitution.
  3. Cyprus, Conflict and Negotiation.
  4. The Equal Protection of the Laws.
  5. Search and Seizure.
  6. For a number of years, he was the contributor of the Chapters on "Evidence" and "Constitutional Law" to the "Annual Survey of Commonwealth Law.
  7. He has recently written four books (in Greek) on various issues of the Cyprus problem.
  8. Also, he has recently co-authored (with Levon H. Arakelian) a book on the 2010 Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Demopoulos ("Fall of the Guardians: The European Court of Human Rights and the Case of Demopoulos").
  9. The Modern Law of Defamation (in Greek) (2014).
  10. Cyprus on the Edge (2013).

Professional Bodies

He has been called to the English Bar and is a member of the Cyprus and Nicosia Bar Associations. He is currently practising law in Cyprus.


His Greek and English are "excellent".

Professional Activities

He is the Legal Adviser of a number of Companies and Corporations, and has very extensive experience of drafting, of dealing with legislation, of public law, and of consulting and liaising with Government authorities. His firm employs a substantial number of specialised staff - lawyers and others - and has carried out work for many clients both abroad and in Cyprus. He has acted, inter alia, for the Government of the Republic of Cyprus both before the Supreme Court of Cyprus as well as before the judicial organs of the Counil of Europe in a number of important cases. He has been acting as legal adviser of Cyprus Airways Ltd. and of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation for decades and has specialised, inter alia, in broadcasting matters, in respect of which he attens the Sessions of the Legal Committee of the European Broadcasting Corporation. He is also the external Legal Adviser of the Bank of Cyprus Ltd, the largest financial institution on the island. He is also a Director of numberous other Companies in Cyprus. He has also worked for long in the area of Petroleum Law, and in this capacity has acted as Counsel for ExxonMobil (Cyprus) Ltd, Hellenic Petroleum (Cyprus) Ltd and BP Eastern Mediterannean Ltd and others for two decades now. One of his specialities, in the area of Corporation Law, is the reconstruction, merging and amalgamation of Companies.

Mr. P.G. Polyviou is an expert on all aspects of the Cyprus problem. When in Oxford, he taught Contract, Tort, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Human Rights (for the BCL) and Jurisprudence. He is an acknowledged expert in the Law of Cyprus.

Mr. P.G. Polyviou practises widely before Cypriot Courts and Tribunals and regularly handles matters and issues of private/civil law, including Contract and Tort.

He has appeared before the European Court of Human Rights and also before the International Court a the Hague, in the Kosovo case, where he represented the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Mr. P.G. Polyviou has taken part in many arbitrations, both as counsel and as Arbitrator, and has often given expert evidence before foreign tribunals.

In July 2011, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus appointed Mr. P.G. Polyviou as Commissioner of Inquiry to investigate a massive explosion which occured on 11 July 2011 in a local military base killing 13 people and destroying the island's largest power station. Mr. Polyviou delivered his Report consisting of over 600 pages to the Republic's President on 3 October 2011.

He is regarded in Cyprus as an expert on the Law of Cyprus. Mr. Polyviou is a regular litigator before the Courts of Cyprus, both trial Courts and appelate Tribunals. He has appeared in major cases and is rega4rded as an expert on the Cyprus Law of Evidence and Procedure.

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